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My Story

It was the spring of 2003 and a day I will never forget. A letter had arrived at home that morning, posted from ‘English National Ballet School’ in London.

Holding the piece of paper tightly, I started to read the words ‘Dear Miss Sarah Du-Feu, we are delighted to offer you a scholarship to train professionally at The English National Ballet School…..’

Thinking back, I don’t really remember too much after that, except my dad picking me up off my feet and swinging me around in total jubilation!

I had just turned 16 and this letter meant absolutely everything to me. When training so hard to become a ballet dancer, all you want in the world is to gain a place at a prestigious vocational school to really put you on the correct path and open up all the right doors.

Looking back to this moment now, I realise how much I owed my parents for the continuous support and sacrifices they made to help me with my dream of dancing. Amongst so many things taking me to every class, exam, audition, driving me to London every weekend, ensuring I always had the correct dance clothing and shoes but most of all, for being completely behind me at all times – during the low points as well as the high.


Sarah age 3 - Skipping practice 1989


Sarah age 11 - Royal Ballet School 1997

Sarah age 17 -English National Ballet School. 2004

Sarah age 17 -English National Ballet School. 2004


Sarah age 20 - Backstage at Royal Albert Hall. Swan Lake 2007

I certainly wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for…

  • Support from my parents
  • Access to a ballet school
  • When I stopped performing and started coaching 9 years ago now, I realised that not all children have the opportunity and support I received, so it is now my goal through my dance school and my online dance at home programme, to give as many children as possible..

    Access to affordable ballet. Access to great coaching and most of all provide a supportive platform for them to develop their self-confidence and belief and enjoyment of dance.

    Ballet has such a unique ability to help nurture our children in so many positive ways, benefiting children regardless of whether they decide to pursue dance as a profession or not, and if they do want to aim for a professional, vocational school with the goal of one day, taking to the West End or Broadway stage - well that is just the icing on the cake!

    Sarah’s Ballet ‘Pointes’


  • Windsor, UK
  • Ballet Training:

  • Cecchetti Classical Ballet Associate & Scholar, Royal Ballet Senior Associate
  • English National Ballet School
  • Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance (London)
  • Performing highlight:

  • English National Ballet Company – Swan Lake - Royal Albert Hall - London
  • Coaching Qualifications:

  • BA(hons) ISTD DDE CCB
  • 9 years of teaching experience
  • Owner & principal of Du Feu Dance (Woking, Ascot, Weybridge, UK)